Essential Stories from the Front Lines

Who We Are

Essential Stories from the Frontlines

Who We Are


We are a grassroots, not-for-profit media production team which focuses on the real stories and perspectives of people on the frontlines of national and global social issues. We facilitate intersectional conversations including voices nationally and world-wide to inform, ignite new ideas, and to unify and build community for change.


Essential Stories Project is an independent, grassroots media platform that gives a voice to people on the frontlines of our world’s most pressing social issues. Real People. Real Stories. Real Experiences. It is our mission to provide constructive journalism that is aimed to inspire and provide clear calls to action. We promote leadership by progressive women and LGBTQIA of color on every level.

What Make Us Stand Out?

Always Intersectional

We bring diverse activists, artists and thinkers together who might not otherwise meet, to share perspectives and projects, inform, build national and global community and collaborations, inspire and give clear calls to action to public audiences.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our media platform and public events facilitate and deliver panels and conversations that are always intersectional, from a wide variety of cultural demographics, generations, fields of study, genders and sexual orientations.

Join Host Cara Cruickshank

In our Live Round Table events with Frontline Activist Around the World .

Cara Cruickshank has independently produced and directed over 60 independent productions in the U.S. and abroad (including Turkey, France and Brazil), in partnerships with nonprofits, universities, and schools. Her work focuses on marginalized voices, cultural diversity, and women’s empowerment. Her performances have been consistently celebrity and media acclaimed.

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