Essential Stories from the Front Lines

Cara Cruickshank

Cara Cruickshank is an Activist, Artist, Executive Director and Host of Essential Stories Project -a new, grassroots docuseries that gives voice to people on the frontlines of our world’s most pressing social issues.

As a female global-citizen living within 3 cultures (U.S., France and Brazil), she has a first-hand view on cross-cultural social justice issues. She has applied her work in activism and art to Environmental Conservation, Education, Intersectional Community Building, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, and Civil Rights.

Cara began her artistic career in theatre at age 10 on Broadway in the musical Les Misérables, along with multiple singing performances at The United Nations General Assembly for the International Youth Environmental Forum.

Cara is a writer, director and producer of theater for social change and independent film projects. She has independently produced and directed independent projects, performances, community conversations and events across the U.S. and abroad (including Turkey, France and Brazil), for the last 20+ years in partnership with nonprofits, universities, and educational institutions. Her work currently focuses on marginalized voices, intersection community building and women’s empowerment.