How Do We Create a New Reality Outside of Racism?

LATOYA FERNANDEZ, Restorative Justice Coordinator, Founder of, Dean of Students at Downtown College Prep El Camino, District 3 Neighborhoods Commissions, Education Consultant, Public Speaker, Hip Hop/Spoken word artist in San Jose, CA.

OMKARI WILLIAMS, is podcast host of “Stepping Into Truth: Conversations on Race, Gender, and Social Justice”. Additionally she is a Certified Coach who works with ordinary people who see wrong in the world and want to make it right in the Chicago, IL area.

RAVINA D. WADHWANI, M. Ed, works as a Mental Health Therapist & moonlights as a Poet in Long Beach, CA.

JOE MELILLO, N.P.O. is a Business Developer, Strategy Consultant and Collaborator for New York City Relief for the Homeless in Putnam County, NY.

MILES ANANDA, Founder of A.A.P.O.T.S.S. Creative Agency, Musician, Poet, Film Maker, Creator, and Activist in Los Angeles, California.

JELANI IMAN, a Artist in Los Angeles, California.

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