Essential Stories from the Front Lines

How Can We Unify : Support Black Power? – Ep. 2

6 Activists discuss topics related to the #BlackLivesMatter protest, today’s political landscape, police brutality, the upcoming presidential election, the 2 party system, the radicalization of white conservatives, alt right rhetoric, white liberal rhetoric, cult psychology, toxic masculinity, and the class war. #activism #whitesupremacy Originally Aired June 6, 2020 on Facebook Live REAL PEOPLE. REAL STORIES. REAL EXPERIENCES Round Table Conversation with: Lecturer for the Sociology and African Studies Dept. at UC San Diego and Dept. of Sociology at San Diego State University, and co-founder of the Racial Justice Coalition, Dr. Darwin Fishman; Dr. Fishman has taught courses in Sociology, Political Science, Criminology, and African American Studies at Western Illinois University, Temple University, Stony Brook University, University of the District of Columbia, University of California, Riverside, Point Loma Nazarene University, and California State University, San Marcos. Dr. Fishman also has extensive experience traveling the globe. He has visited 47 states in the U.S and traveled in 17 countries in Europe, 4 countries in South America, 6 countries in Africa, 5 Caribbean countries, as well as in Turkey, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. Dr. Fishman currently resides in the Point Loma area of San Diego and enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Buki Domingos. Rhetorician and Founder and Mediator of Speaking the Unspeakable® in Portland, OR, Amanda Rain; Amanda Rain founded Speaking the Unspeakable® to inspire the courage to meet our challenges and empower our lives through effective communication. Her unique blend of rhetorical studies, speech communication, debate, activism, political advocacy, and dynamic life experience, weaves together a potent journey of personal growth and essential skill sharing. She inspires the willingness to face our personal and collective pain to free ourselves to walk with integrity and truth, connected as one human family. Her voice offers hope for the spirit and medicine for the soul. Navy Veteran and Performing Artist from NYC, Elizabeth Smith; Elizabeth is from Brooklyn, N.Y. She is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and has worked in healthcare as an Xray Technologist for over 30 years in New York City. Elizabeth is an actor and avid ballroom dancer and studied American Literature and History at Columbia University. Endorsement Task Force Chair at Multnomah County Democrats in Portland, OR, Jason Ali Allen; Jason began his work inside the Democratic Party as a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders representing Oregon in 2016 to the Democratic National Convention. Current Endorsement Task Force Chair for Multnomah County, is one of Multnomah County’s elected representatives to the State Central Committee, governing body of the Democratic Party of Oregon and there serves on the Platforms and Resolutions Committee as well as the Special Committee developing the Code of Conduct. Dancer, Choreographer and Artistic Director of CocooLotus Dance in Denver, CO, Alfred Smith; Alfred is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer. He has performed for many wonderful companies and choreographers in Colorado. While he has assumed a more freelance route in performance, his main path is as Artistic Director of CocooLotus Dance (Cocoon+Lotus Flower). Because of covid-19 and eruption of our social/political/spiritual landscape, Alfred has been pulled to adopt activism to his artistic mission. With Spoken word Intro by Rapper, Singer, Songwriter @ListenClash; Clash is a 20 year old Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter from Long Beach, CA who is using his voice to move his peers and create change within his community. He is a leader of tomorrow and someone who can bring the child out in anyone.