Essential Stories from the Front Lines

What is the Relationship Between Patriarchy and Racism? | Part One

6 #BlackLivesMatter Activists across the U.S.,explore the question: What is the Relationship Between Patriarchy and Racism? Round Table Conversation with: DR. TE BASSETT, Psychologist, Professor, Pastor committed to affecting change. She has 14 years of clinical experience in various settings including correctional facilities and colleges, most often focusing on trauma-informed care. Dr.

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Politics, White Supremacy and Cult Psychology | Part Three

photo of donald trump

NEW PANELISTS. NEW QUESTIONS TO EXPLORE: 6 Activists discuss topics related to the #BlackLivesMatter protest, today’s political landscape, police brutality, the upcoming presidential election, the 2 party system, the radicalization of white conservatives, alt right rhetoric, white liberal rhetoric, cult psychology, toxic masculinity, and the class war. Round Table Conversation with: Lecturer

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