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Aeiramique Glass Blake

AEIRAMIQUE GLASS BLAKE, Justice Candidate for the 51st Congressional District and Full Time Restorative Justice Consultant.

Founder and Executive Director of Generation Justice | A Youth-Led Activism and Advocacy Nonprofit Organization; Aeiramique “Meeka” Glass Blake is just 32 years old.

She has a 10 year background in mental health and has been working in the juvenile justice field for nearly 12 years. Currently she is a full time restorative justice consultant at Generation Justice, where she focuses on Juvenile Justice and school culture discipline reform.

Additionally, as Justice Candidate for the 51st Congressional District, and a devoted Christian. She serves on multiple advisory boards representing communities of color; such as San Diego chief of police board of advisors, the City Attorneys advisory board, Restorative Justice Steering board and the Peace Promotion Momentum Team. She is working to keep these individuals and systems transparent and accountable.

Aeiramique has a true heart and love for people, she concentrates on addressing the intersectionality of social justice issues.