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ALLOTEY BRUCE-KONUAH, Cultural Producer and Arts Curator for the reknowned Jamestown Cafe in Usshertown, the old city of Accra, Ghana, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Multi-Disciplinarian in Digital Archiving and Production of Culture, History and Memory. Former Director of Communication at B.A.S.I.C.S International (www.basicsinternational.org), and Co Producer of the first ever album recording of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ghana (NSOG plays highlife classics)

BYRON BROOKS (aka MOSOUL), Founder of From The Hood For The Hood, Born in prison in Detroit, Michigan, Overcame homelessness to pursue higher education, Author, Honor Student, Preacher, Musician, Mentor, Public Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Activist, and Agent of Change in Detroit, MI

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