Essential Stories from the Front Lines

Alfred Smith speaks on Restoring Humanity

Reflecting the Actions of MLK

Alfred Smith is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has performed for many wonderful companies and choreographers in Colorado. While he has assumed a more freelance route in performance, his main path is as Artistic Director of CocooLotus Dance (Cocoon+Lotus Flower).

As a result of covid-19 and eruption of our social/political/spiritual landscape, Alfred has been pulled to adopt activism to his artistic mission. Artistic Director of CocooLotus Dance, his overall mission involves several layers:
1.) Artistic excellence in creating cathartic works to the public
2.) Maintaining the diverse inclusion of performers that reflect our present day society.
3.) A family safe haven amongst all artists involved (dancers, wardrobes/makeup, techs, ushers, box office, etc.).
4.) Absolute integrity and protection the performers can trust in order to become better artists, more importantly-better people.

The universal beauty of art is that it can serve as the most honest, abstract expression in a person’s heart that a public would open its eyes, ears, and heart to that they normally would have no patience or empathy if expressed in regular straightforward terms. The style and essence of CocooLotus Dance is reflected from Alfred’s view of the beautiful and vastly diverse world we are nourished from. Although our physiology is roughly the same design, the regions and environments impact the unique culture that is essential to a particular people’s survival and expression.